Energy Safe Victoria

DPR&Co reprises DDIY for Energy Safe Victoria gas safety campaign.

With the Victorian Government’s COVID-19 lockdown measures giving householders more time at home, Energy Safe Victoria was becoming increasingly concerned that householders would be doing their own installation and maintenance of gas appliances.

Work performed on gas appliances must be carried out by a qualified gasfitter. DIY gas work is illegal and can be deadly – not only to the person attempting the work but also to their family and neighbours.


The need to inform people of the risks of DIY gas work during the lockdown period was seen as an urgent initiative to avoid the risk of gas fires or explosions

The new DDIY Gas campaign builds on the DDIY Electrical campaign released earlier this year, targeting a cohort of men who believe in self-sufficiency and those stuck at home who are inclined to believe working with gas ‘can’t be that hard’. It is one of a stable of campaigns DPR&Co has worked on for ESV that includes the Gas BBQ Testing campaign, ‘Know The Drill Before You Grill’.

Produced entirely during the COVID-19 isolation period, the campaign employs a simple, high-impact animation technique to deliver a compelling message.