Google Lighthouse

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Why this is important

The performance of your primary online customer interface may have a profound impact on levels of engagement and conversion. It’s also one of the most immediate and cost-effective changes you can make.

About Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse is a readily available tool we use to test conventional and progressive web apps for user-friendliness and performance. Unlike many other analytics tools, Google’s new tool lets you adapt and filter test conditions for the most realistic evaluation of actual website performance parameters.

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are websites that look, work and are operated like mobile apps. They offer dynamic content and are now becoming very popular. Examples of PWAs include websites like and Twitter, which share a surprising number of features with native apps in their browser versions.

To enable PWAs to make users feel like they are operating native apps, they have to fulfill specific performance parameters and properties. Google Lighthouse enables us to test, measure and optimize these performance aspects. Lighthouse is an open-source software and is generally used as a Chrome extension.

Google Lighthouse analyses and compares the following areas:

  • PWA, performance
  • Accessibility
  • Best practice design
  • SEO performance
  • Information is available on each of the areas analysed and the tool provides additional tips to improve the site.

Lighthouse is extremely flexible and offers many valuable analytics and comparative insights, which you can use to optimize your website.

Importantly, in the right hands, the insights Lighthouse unearths have the potential to take your site to best practice performance quickly and inexpensively.

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