The New Truth™.

Why this is important

Truth sells. The most effective communications are based on a human truth that resonates on an emotional level with your audience. This is how you shift consumer behaviour or a community. DPR&Co unearth’s what’s new and true about the relationship between your brand or issue and your audience. We then apply this truth through strategy, amplify it through creative and deliver it powerfully to your audience.

Traditionally, the creative process has involved a process remote from the client – a kind of creative black box huddle that culminates in a dramatic reveal. This is a high risk approach that gives little credence to the sophistication of the client or their buyer/stakeholder. It tends to ‘dumb down’ rather than distil. So, a process that delivers insightful and compelling truth-driven campaigns while minimising risk is a ‘holy grail’ of smart advertisers. We call that process The New Truth.

A New Truth is a new and true insight we uncover about the relationship between your brand and its audience..

In a restless media and social media environment, these relationships are constantly changing. We make it our business to understand these changes better than any other agency. This requires us to know your business intimately; to forensically explore standing or commissioned research, digital intelligence and analytics, and sometimes just do a bit of people watching.

Our clients highly value the New Truth process (see our client testimonials here) because the truth it uncovers transforms their market performance. They also value the process itself, which is profoundly insightful and engaging.

The New Truth process begins with our creative and strategy teams developing and distilling a spectrum of formative creative ideas, each based on a new truth we uncover about the relationship between our client’s brand and audience. The results are the subject of a deep collaboration and can be refined or endorsed through research. The New Truth is the ideal way to leverage our client’s expertise while maintaining creative integrity.

The New Truth process .

The New Truth Process

The New Truth is a powerful engagement that sees us explore the underlying truth of your brand in the marketplace. Questions will arise around customer buying agenda, audience blockages, competitive position, organisational culture, stakeholder challenges and brand tonality.

Through it, the most exciting and salient ideas will become apparent as one or two New Truths shimmer with authenticity and freshness, enabling us to hone-in on an agreed foundation for creative ideation. You’ll leave the New Truth workshop knowing your critical input into the creative process has been heard and responded to and feeling confident that we’ll hit the bullseye with the final creative solution.

Importantly, because identifying your New Truth is a foundational part of the ideation process, the fatal trap of ‘lowest common denominator’ creative is avoided. Our creative teams are freed to develop cut-through executions secure in the knowledge that their ideation is taking place within an agreed aperture.

Two other important things to note.

There is no better time to audience-test the validity of a creative direction than at the conclusion of the New Truth process. This allows the core of the message to be explored as opposed to its (possibly) glossy execution. Audiences are able to focus on the essence of the communication rather than specific executional elements.

This is also the ideal time to involve our media team, enabling the development of channel strategies that align with the core creative direction expressed through the New Truth process. Thus, media planning may be conducted in parallel with the development of the final creative solution, ensuring stronger integration and enhanced targeting.

DPR&Co’s proprietary New Truth process has dramatically improved the market performance of clients including Chisholm Institute of TAFEAustralian Unitythe Department of Health and Human Services (SafeScript) and Honda.

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