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Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Day


The Victoria Police annual Blue Ribbon Day raises funds to invest in ‘Living Memorials’ in the form of emergency medical facilities in hospitals across Victoria that are named after police officers killed in the line of duty.

When marking its 30th anniversary in 2018, the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation turned to DPR&Co to develop a campaign that would raise awareness of the cause and encourage people to donate.


Every substantial charitable event relies on media coverage to raise awareness. Great pro-bono ads always earn more media support, so an important part of our work was to engage media representatives in the quality of the creative that would underpin the campaign.

Simply put, we needed to deliver a campaign that was compellingly different to every other fundraising ad in media.


The solution we developed was based on a solemn recitation by serving police of the Victoria Police Oath of Service (worth googling if you haven’t been exposed to it). We filmed montages of serving officers pledging the oath. We then made the point that 149 officers had lost their lives upholding it and that these officers deserved public remembrance.

The result is a simple but striking reminder of the humanity and commitment of our serving police.

Thanks to Dentsu Aegis, we were able to make a direct representation to key players in Victoria’s media industry to request their support for the 30th Anniversary campaign.

Blue Ribbon Day Newspaper Ad - DPR&CO


The campaign was embraced by media more strongly than at any other time in Blue Ribbon Day history with over $2m in scheduled media placements donated.

The Day itself raised over $1m, every cent of which goes to the establishment of Living Memorials.

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