Caterpillar Mini Excavator - DPR&CO Work


For many years, Caterpillar had been the premium brand in hydraulic excavators. Low-cost competition has made inroads into Caterpillar’s market share on a global basis, especially in the smaller end of the product range.

Cat responded with an unprecedented leap in product technology and quality.

Now equipped to operate in a different paradigm to its competitors, Cat now needed to tell its story and equip its dealer network to capitalise on the launch.


Our research showed that the building and construction industry historically understood Cat’s quality positioning and saw it as an aspirational product.

Our task was to help dealers make the financial case for paying a higher acquisition cost to access much greater value through increased productivity lower total cost-of-ownership (TCO). A finance package from Cat financial was offered – further strengthening the claim for lower TCO.

Research had also highlighted the value of getting operators hands-on with the technology and showed up the use of mobile communications as the priority engagement channel. So at an OEM level, Cat leveraged national industry media and targeted digital communications to create awareness of the new products. This was teamed with sophisticated re-marketing programs featuring customer testimonials and technical data.

Dealers were provided with marketing packs with campaign assets for prospect and customer databases to bring owners/operators into a national series of Demo Day events around Australia.


Cat BCP orders have now comprehensively outstripped supply.

Caterpillar Mini Excavator Outdoor Campaign - DPR&CO Work