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Chisholm Institute: Chase Your Calling 2019

In 2018, Chisholm launched the Chase Your Calling campaign and was awarded Victorian Education Campaign of the Year by the Australian Marketing Institute.
For 2019, a Victorian Government tuition subsidy (known as Free TAFE) was predicted to stimulate student demand by approximately 10% (Victorian Government budget papers, May 2018).
The challenge was to build on the momentum of our 2018 campaign for the 2019 student year – leveraging the powerful Chase Your Calling creative solution and elevated brand awareness into an even more engaging enrolment position.


While the Free TAFE initiative covered just 30 courses of the 140 plus offered by Chisholm, it was clearly the catalyst for heightened interest in the sector. The decision was taken to integrate Free TAFE as a central component of the Chase Your Calling campaign.

Simultaneously, our tracking of search activity for Free TAFE indicated rapidly rising interest that was expected to translate into a rush for high-demand free courses. Chisholm responded by bringing its enrolment period forward by 8 weeks.

This approach gave us a clear space with 37% share of voice in November against the total category.

IPSOS Brand Tracking research showed high likeability and relevance with no wear-out for the Chase Your Calling message. It was therefore logical to retain the Chase Your Calling theme for the 2019 campaign, leveraging many of the design and visual assets from 2018.

The Free TAFE message was integrated seamlessly into the Chase Your Calling campaign framework, extending from TVC/OLV and cinema advertising to digital and social content.

Anticipating significantly higher levels of campaign response, DPR&Co, in partnership with our CX/UX partner W3 Digital, helped to re-engineer Chisholm’s student enrolment experience to ensure the maintenance of strong application to enrolment rates.

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Chase Your Calling 2019 delivered strong improvements against every business metric including:

  • Audited YOY share-of-voice improvement of 33% on a 5% lower media spend
  • Applications up by 45%
  • Cost-per-application decreased by 35%
  • Total government enrolments were up by 22%
  • Cost per enrolment decreased by 22%
  • Cost per new enrolment reduced by 35%