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Chisholm - Chase your calling - DPR&CO Work

Chisholm Institute: Chase Your Calling

The TAFE sector had lost student share over a number of years due to Government legislation that pushed students to private providers and enabled universities to un-cap student numbers, thereby changing the competitive landscape. A Victorian government campaign to promote the TAFE sector had been seen to be ineffective.

The imperative for 2018 was to increase enrolments.  Chisholm’s brief to DPR&Co was to position it to compete effectively for student share in a contracting market.


We began to build the business case for a level of investment that would enable us to achieve Chisholm’s enrolment targets, making predictions based on historical links between share-of-voice, brand consideration and enrolments. The resulting business case enabled the Chisholm executive to agree on the most effective balance between investment level and the need for growth.

We then analysed how competitor brands were behaving. This revealed a brand clear space for Chisholm – talking less about the Institute itself and more about its role tapping into the deep human need to be fulfilled in life and genuinely happy.

The resulting campaign was based on the simple evocation Chase Your Calling at Chisholm.

Using our New Real® creative methodology, we collaborated extensively with the Chisholm marketing team on the creative strategy for the campaign.

In parallel, we developed a media strategy to maximise share of voice and embed our campaign into the content of as many relevant channels as possible with an emphasis on Chisholm’s primary catchment of south-east Melbourne. The aim was to deliver a ‘talk-able’ campaign to a very broad audience in media.

We launched the Chase your Calling campaign November 2017 in digital, outdoor and radio media, with cinema and TV launching to coincide with the peak enrolment period in January 2018.

Chisholm - Chase your calling Oudoor  Ad - DPR&CO Work


Brand data showed an uplift in advertising recognition of 138 per cent with performance well above IPSOS norms. Spontaneous ad recall was up by almost 100 per cent. Web traffic was up by 50 per cent to 26.5m users, click-through up 40 per cent and cost per click down 37 per cent.

Brand awareness was on-par with major competitors, some with more than double the budget. Chisholm achieved a 12 per cent YOY uplift in enrolments – eight times the total sector growth.

In 2018, Chisholm enrolments were steady against a sector that was down by 12 per cent. The Chase Your Calling campaign was awarded Victorian Education Campaign of The Year by the AMI.