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Energy Safe Victoria

An avoidable gas fire takes place, on average, once per day in Victoria across the summer months.

In 2018, following a spate of incidents and injuries, ESV briefed DPR&Co to develop a campaign that would demonstrate the risk of fire from leaking gas connections between barbeques and gas cylinders.  The imperative was to make the necessary preventative steps simple and clear.


First, we leveraged the campaign mnemonic of the gas bottle to underpin a highly memorable campaign line: Know the drill before you grill.

We continued this mnemonic into the campaign itself, placing one hundred burned gas bottles in a normal suburban street – a ‘trail’ leading us to a normal suburban home during a happy family gathering.

We then demonstrated the required preventative action in the simplest way possible – with voice reinforcing video.

Tracking research showed strong aided (>40 per cent) and unaided (<20 per cent) recall. Preliminary emergency service data shows a 35 per cent decrease in reported barbeque-related fire responses.

The campaign was launched for the 2018-19 summer period with heavy schedules surrounding sporting events FTA TV supported by a heavy online and social presence.

Energy Safe Victoria Outdoor Campaign - DPR&CO Work