The all new Honda EU22i

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Best got better – Honda EU22i

Honda is among the world’s largest manufacturers of portable generators. These range from commercial spec generators down to those developed primarily for light trade and recreational purposes.

Revered in category was Honda’s EU20i generator – the most popular of its size and capacity in the world. The model’s market dominance, however, was at risk as competitors emulated the quietness and power density of the venerable EU20i.

Enter the EU22i.

The challenge

Our challenge was to position the incremental benefits of the new model compellingly enough to overcome a price premium of up to 15% over its competitors in a market that was suffering from increasing commoditisation. This challenge was made more pressing by the fact that the marketing budget was very limited. Honda was relying heavily on its 500-strong dealer network to create and service market demand.

The task was to both engage and equip the dealer network, many of whom stock multiple generator brands, to get behind this product with energy and conviction.

The solution

Winning dealer support – experience had shown us that dealers were a vital audience for any new product introduction – they were the difference between a good result and a great one. So, the launch of the product at the national dealer conference was important. DPR&Co was integral to the running of Honda dealer events and we worked hard to set the scene for an outstanding launch.

The importance of great creative – it was important to show to convince the dealers of the product quality and desirability and demonstrate that Honda was supporting the product with great marketing assets. Key to this is a great creative that is leverageable at both a national and local level.

EU22i launch carousel

Making it easy

Supplying dealers with assets they could easily deploy within their local markets was another priority. Honda’s national media campaign would position the product, but activating the campaign at a local level was up to the dealers themselves.

The assets we created for them included:

  • Tagged TVCs for dealers supporting the campaign on regional TV
  • Localised digital media assets
  • Localised radio ads
  • Social media templates
  • POS materials
  • Collateral that could be overprinted by the local dealer


​Sales of the EU22i resulted in a backlog of orders across the country. The new model regained its position as a clear leader in the small-capacity generator market.

A sample of the range of dealer delivered campaign assets follows.

EU22i brochure
EU22i poster
EU22i campaign carousel