Regional Development Victoria Campaign - DPR&CO Work

Regional Development Victoria (RDV), ‘Good Move’

Skills shortages and an ageing population are strategic risks to the vitality of regional Victoria. The Victorian government has invested substantially over many years in the positioning of Regional Victoria as an alternative lifestyle option to metropolitan Melbourne. DPR&Co has been involved in many of these campaigns, including Make It Happen in Regional Victoria.

After a two-year hiatus, regional councils, business and community stakeholders had expressed strong support for the renewal of regional marketing activities, particularly with regard to increasing the size of skilled and semi-skilled workforces. DPR&Co was appointed to lead the strategic and creative delivery of the campaign.

Our work began with a substantial engagement program with all 48 regional councils and key economic and community stakeholders to inform the shape, scale and nuance of the challenge. We then conducted a multi-stage market research program to identify consumer behaviour and barriers to change which (surprisingly) identified that 11 per cent (or approximately 450,000 Melburnians) were actively considering relocating within the next three years.


Our strategy was to harness the interest of the almost half a million Melburnians that were up for a change.

To build campaign effectiveness, we further segmented this audience into five sub-groups, each with specific drivers and concerns. We then chose the segments with the highest propensity to move and targeted our messages to address their concerns and barriers including housing, employment, schools, access networks/friendships. One of the more complex challenges to overcome was the diversity of experience and expectation we needed to cater for across the State. We overcame this by using geographically identified case studies.

To provide a compelling campaign response pathway for what is obviously a big decision, we worked with RDV to create a large-format activation event (Regional Victoria Living Expo).

In addition, we developed an online resource with information and connections to economic development staff across Victoria.

The campaign itself included campaign elements including the primary Good Move campaign (designed to overcome barriers to relocation) and retail campaign to attract Melburnians to the main activation point – The Regional Victoria Living Expo.

Regional Development Victoria Outdoor Campaign - DPR&CO Work
Regional Development Victoria Press Campaign - DPR&CO Work


This and earlier DPR&Co campaigns for RDV have contributed to regional and rural growth with 130,000 new regional jobs and $11.3 billion in new investment since 2008.

Other results include:

  • The campaign achieved 63 per cent prompted recall in Melbourne and 78 per cent prompted recall among relocated residents (ASCET 2014)
  • 50,000 face-to-face connections between the audience and regional councils/economic development teams and business and community leaders at the Regional Victoria Living Expo
  • Unanimous support for continuation of campaign among regional councils and economic development teams