About us

DPR&Co is the team that delivered:


ROI over 4 successive years, for Ambulance Victoria


Enrolment lift YOY, for Chisholm Institute

as Creative and production contribution to the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Day Charity

Raised for Sir Jackie Stewart’s Race Against Dementia

The economic growth of Victoria supported by two regional marketing campaigns we delivered


Increase in social engagement for Honda Power Equipment

We’re the full-service agency for clients seeking a step change in performance to succeed in changing markets and social landscapes.

We begin by gaining powerful, data-informed insights into people and markets. We then apply these to create communications and brand experiences that inspire dramatic change.

Our collaborative, human-centered approach ensures outcomes that match or exceed your vision of success.

The New Real

We believe great communications have more than an idea behind them. They contain a New Real: a newly discovered truth about the relationship between your audience and your brand.

Unearthing your brand’s New Real requires us to know your business intimately; to forensically explore research, digital intelligence and analytics; and sometimes just to do a bit of people watching.

Our clients love the collaborative nature of this process. They also love how it de-risks highly creative communications.

The New Real empowers you to outsmart – rather than outspend – your competitors.

P2P ™ Communications

Our vision is to be Melbourne’s best creative agency for clients with high involvement purchase pathways.

It is no longer enough for advertising agencies to bring an audience to the top of the sales funnel. With our P2P communications model we positively affect every customer interaction with your brand, from initial contact, to engagement, sale and advocacy.

We created P2P Communications as an amalgam of advertising, CX, UX and nurture communications. It is currently delivering results for our client Chisholm Institute, with dramatically improved metrics in conversion, brand health and customer satisfaction.

Media and channel strategy

DPR&Co’s media and channel capability enables us to deploy campaigns with the benefit of deeper customer insight, adapting quickly and accurately to ensure we’re delivering the greatest possible return on investment.

It also adds significantly to our ability to develop accurate business cases for the campaigns we develop, giving our clients a clear view to projected ROI before an investment is made.