Why the

New Truth?

Why the

New Truth

Great brand ideas have two things in common. They’re true and they’re new.

If your campaign is grounded in truth but isn’t new, it will be ignored. You can’t bore people into buying. If it’s new but not true, it will be annoying, insincere or gratuitous.

The New Truth® is our proprietary process for conceiving, sharing and filtering creative ideas. It ensures you are heard at the most critical stages of the journey and that the resulting ideas are compelling to your audience.

It leverages research, data and analytics and adds a vigorous dose of creative collaboration. It fuses truth and newness to transform brand and business performance.

See The New Truth from a client perspective below. You’ll soon want to uncover your brand’s New Truth.

Discovering a New Truth for KingGee.

Jayne Willmott, CMO, Workwear Group.

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