Berkowitz Furniture

Berkowitz Furniture is a storied Australian family business going back five generations. Berkowitz came to DPR&Co in need of a brand revitalisation. As a retailer facing tough and competitive market conditions, it was imperative that we delivered this revitalisation through powerful direct response messaging. Few retailers can enjoy the luxury of “pure brand” advertising.

 It was also critical that our communications honour the rich Berkowitz heritage. As an Australian family-owned business, Berkowitz is unique in its competitive set. Customers find this differentiator compelling in a world of faceless corporates. We needed to leverage this attribute while presenting Berkowitz as a modern, forward-looking retailer.

 DPR&Co developed the brand positioning: Berkowitz. We’re a furniture family. This family ethos encompasses the Berkowitz family themselves as well as the staff members who are far more welcoming and knowledgeable than those at the competitors. 

 All campaign messaging is couched in language that shows what makes the Berkowitz experience different; for example “Value. It’s one of our family values”.

 The furniture family messaging is delivered through retail TVCs, point of sale, digital and social media.