Blue Ribbon Foundation

Blue Ribbon Foundation

Blue Ribbon Day is a community Remembrance Day for Victoria Police officers who have died in the line of duty. It was established by a group of community leaders in response to the murders of Gary Silk and Rod Millar in 1998. Through Blue Ribbon Day, donations are sought to create new emergency medical facilities across Victoria that are ‘living memorials’ to fallen police officers. With a long history of support with the Blue Ribbon Foundation, DPR&Co was asked to create a campaign to significantly raise awareness of the sacrifice made by Victoria Police personnel in preserving public order and keeping Victorians safe.


All Victorians.


FTA, BVOD, digital, print, OOH, radio, retail digital, transit, website, built environment and collateral.


A full suite of OLV/TVC/radio assets, as well as multiple digital, social and print campaign expressions.


Record media CSA support, record awareness and fundraising (Circa $1m net donations).

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