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Caravan Industry Victoria

Victorian Caravan & Camping Virtual Show

One of Caravan Industry Victoria’s three main retail shows, the Victorian Caravan and Camping Show is vital in helping Victorians bring their Australian holiday ambitions to life. This year, COVID-19 has changed the way the caravan industry goes to market. But you can’t keep a good show down, so it’s gone virtual – offering ‘visitors’ a really compelling virtual experience that replicates most of the features of the real show, but without leaving home.




It’s what most Victorians can’t wait to do and a phrase synonymous with a pleasant surprise. It’s exactly what the virtual show is all about, and puts a light-hearted spin on a situation that’s unfortunately impacted so many scheduled events this year. Filmed in what would have been the actual event space during Stage 3 restrictions, the concept features a family (all hired talent were related to avoid social distancing challenges) who show up, only to find out the show has gone virtual.

The campaign launched in digital, video, social and radio media in early September.


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Although this year’s caravan and camping show undertook a completely different approach that was completely new to the industry, the numbers tell the success story.

  • Attendees: 67,363
  • Booth visits: 204,675
  • Document views: 171,053
  • (brochures)
  • Website views: (the operating platform) 260,278