Recruiters are increasingly looking for digital marketing experts. There are plenty of ads out there for experts in content marketing, marketing automation and even programmatic buying.

It’s a challenging task. There is still a need for professionals, especially experienced ones. True technical know-how and, more specifically, being digitally oriented — fearless of new things and having a burning desire to constantly learn new things — is often hard to validate during a recruitment process.

Sometimes even the recruiting organisation may have difficulties defining exactly what kind of expertise is needed, even when looking only 1–2 years ahead.

Digital marketing partnership models

Each marketer will benefit from a skilled digital marketing partner in some way. Typically, especially within purchased advertising (SEM, conversion oriented FB ads, programmatic buying), a specialised partner who uses and optimises many campaigns daily will reach better results.

Even if a company decides to keep digital marketing mainly internal, it’s likely to be beneficial to use partners in certain areas. For example, one of our clients outsources their entire social media management to us, both ‘always on’ and campaigns. Whereas another client uses their internal team to handle the always on content and outsources all video creation and campaign work to us.

Examples of outsourced operating methods

DPR&Co has been a market leader in outsourced marketing, and we have good practices for successful outsourcing. In digital marketing, we are able to offer our customers an agile team that includes expertise in, for example inbound-marketing, websites, marketing automation, content production and media, based on the current needs.

Central factors in outsourcing:

Measuring success:

An outsourcing partner must be able to report positive development for the jointly agreed key performance indicators. The indicators must be set for all levels that relate to the collaboration (e.g. tactical advertising / content marketing / SEO) and the original level must be carefully documented.

A transparent operating model:

Full transparency to the current measures and their progress is offered to the outsourcing customer through online platforms. Tasks are prioritised at the agreed pace together with the outsourcer to stay on schedule and on budget. Everyone has the same, real time information of where things are at.

Understanding the big picture:

Even if the focus of the work is very tactical, it’s important to ensure already at the initial phases of the collaboration that both parties have a joint vision that looks far enough to the future and knows what the goal is. This helps target the small everyday choices just right.

  • In outsourced digital marketing, we have reached e.g. the following successes:
  • decreasing administrative work that does not create any additional value (e.g. cost estimates and worktime reports, constant briefings);
  • the parties’ understanding of the marketing entirety increases and prioritisation improves;
  • getting rid of unnecessary meanders;
  • improved results as KPI indicators guide operations more clearly than before.