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GOTAFE Mid-year campaign

As featured in Mumbrella.

GOTAFE has been delivering high-quality education in regional Victoria for decades. At the heart of their mission has always been a commitment to supporting local communities to adapt to economic impacts, local industry changes and new opportunities. This support has never been more important than it is right now, due to COVID-19.

Whilst traditionally an enrolment campaign, the 2020 mid-year campaign this time emphasises their range of support services – including career guidance, counselling and online workshops – for those out of work, wanting to return to work, or up-skill.

The GOTAFE Community Comeback

With jobs lost and many businesses closed, confidence and mental health have suffered. As a hub for the community’s recovery, GOTAFE is there to do everything they can to support regional Victoria’s great comeback.

DPR&Co took this insight and distilled it down to the key campaign proposition: Our community and GOTAFE. Together we’ve got what it takes to make it through this. The GOTAFE Community Comeback campaign theme was then brought to life.

Rolled out across OLV, digital, social and press, the Community Comeback campaign delivers an optimistic message about what communities can achieve when they work together and support each other. Playful, colourful and Impactful colour combinations and graphics, support the positive nature of the communications.

The campaign launched early June 2020 and has been extremely well received by regional communities.

Blue Ribbon Day Newspaper Ad - DPR&CO
Blue Ribbon Day Newspaper Ad - DPR&CO