Box Hill Institute BECOME 2022 Brand campaign

DPR&Co was briefed to deliver Box Hill Institute’s 2022 broadcast brand campaign. Research shows that in the TAFE category, brand perception accounts for 42% of overall consideration. Our key task then, was to create an emotional connection to generate awareness and consideration. BECOME needed to be framed as something unique to BHI – the promise of a high-quality educational experience and outcome. Another important consideration: TAFE courses are beginning to be considered as genuine alternatives to university courses, with many graduates reporting higher incomes and greater job satisfaction. DPR&Co responded with a highly engaging and emotive campaign that not only stands out from other TAFEs, but that also challenges the uni sector head on.

School leavers, career changers and up-skillers. Parents and influencers. Employers.


Free-to-air TV, catch up TV, radio


30 & 15 second TVC, 30 & 15 second radio


Campaign launched February 2022. Results TBC.


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