Brand Awareness and Fundraising Campaign

WEHI is a world-renowned medical research institute. Millions of people are living healthier lives today because of WEHI’s medical discoveries.

However WEHI’s research, while vitally important, takes time to realise benefits. Discoveries that lead to disease treatments and cures are usually decades in the making.

Following our New TruthTM Process, DPR&Co’s strategy is to portray WEHI and its medical breakthroughs as answering a community need that is urgent, critically important – and personal. We decided to focus on patients – with a wide range of illnesses – rather than researchers.

Our campaign is intimate and personal, asking our audience to imagine themselves in a similar situation. Finally, we connect future cures and treatments to today’s donor audience with the positioning line: You are the cure.


Consumers 45+ in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra


Programmatic digital, social, paid search


OLV, digital display, social display

In the media

Campaign Brief and B&T

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