DPR&Co Service Level Agreements

Service level agreements

Why this is important

A shared understanding of detailed service commitments underpins the most productive client/agency relationships. A customised Service Level Agreement ensures (a) that our clients’ expectations are met every time and (b) that we have the time required to apply our quality control measures effectively.

The process

DPR&Co is committed to response and delivery within clearly agreed and transparent timeframes. Accordingly, we commit to levels of responsiveness and customer service at the beginning of every engagement.

In some instances, our client will require us to work within compressed timeframes or with engage in specific approvals processes. In these cases, we are able to add resources in order to adapt our service levels to accommodate these requirements. Importantly, these requirements are negotiated in advance to ensure alignment of expectation with delivery.

A section of a sample DPR&Co SLA is shown below.