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Why this is important

This is how we discover your brand truth. Tapping into true buyer sentiment enables us to help our clients more accurately meet their customers’ needs. By understanding shifts in the relationship between their brand and its audiences, we are able to shape communications that resonate with currency and relevance.

Market and brand analysis

We analyse your brand’s market, current positioning and performance. This includes:

Market analysis

Analysis of your market vertical, including supply and demand-side economics, opportunity identification and risk analysis. Also, applying all available metrics to develop a business case for your marketing investment, with anticipated brand impacts and ROI.
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Brand health tracking

The key metrics of your brand’s perception and performance against its competitors.
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Digital performance audit

By auditing and optimising your digital assets, we can quickly and affordably improve the performance of your marketing investment. Our tools include:

Digital Money On The Table (MOT) Calculator

A fast, thorough check of your digital assets to determine the very real losses your company is experiencing through digital inefficiency.
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Where we ‘ping’ your website to measure its performance in search, key metrics and accessibility.
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SEO competitor audit

Where we analyse and benchmark your SEO performance against your most successful competitors.

Integrated research

We ensure research happens at the right time with the right methodology and that it integrates seamlessly into our New Truth creative ideation process:

Qualitative research

Uncovering audience insights, needs and existing preferences and testing formative communications directions.

Quantitative research

For providing statistical evidence for hypotheses drawn through qualitative research as well as testing the effectiveness of creative ideas against their original purpose.

Depth interviews

Our approach to gaining deep insights from senior stakeholders or in areas that may require confidentiality.

Our approach to research ensures it is used as a tool for building connections to audiences and increasing the power and accuracy of our ideas.

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Audience behaviour analysis and prediction

We employ world-leading research methods to discover how your audience will behave (as opposed to what they say they will do). These include:

Pressurised qualitative research

Time-limited research that delivers genuine “gut” responses.

In-market digital beta testing

Discreet A/B testing conducted in-market, using click-through rates to measure effectiveness.

SEO behaviour analytics

Analysis of the phrasing of search terms to uncover hidden consumer preferences.


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