Why this is important

Even the best ideas are of little value when poorly executed. Strong delivery involves a combination of professionalism, transparency, dependability and quality. It makes advertising challenging and exciting to work on – for your team as much as ours – and enables you to shape your brand with confidence and conviction.

Campaign and content planning and production

Almost all DPR&Co campaigns are delivered through multiple channels. This requires us to respond to a broad range of production requirements.

Our production capabilities include digital display, social media, online video, print, outdoor, radio and high-end TV production.

DPR&Co manages the complex requirements for integrated campaign production through:

Methodology One

Our PMA-inspired project management approach.
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Service level agreements (SLAs)

Our service promise to clients brought to life under clearly agreed terms and timelines.
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Integrated ERP

Integrated workflow and financial systems ensure situational awareness and minimizes human error.

Media planning and buying

DPR&Co’s media buying team brings together a combination of deep trading experience from some of Australia’s most experienced media professionals with cutting edge digital planning and performance measurement.

Media strategy and planning

Developing the framework for a media approach and the busines case to support it.

Media buying

Negotiating the best possible value from media partners including value-added integration and industry-leading media rates across mainstream, programmatic, performance and social media.


Creating dashboards that support ease of data analysis and real-time situational awareness for our clients.

Social/community management

DPR&Co’s social and community management team is designed to respond to client needs and integrate with varying levels of client sophistication. We offer solutions including:

Social media takeovers

Where our client outsources all social and community management to our team.

Social campaign planning, creative and production

This is where we augment a client’s team with some (or all) of the creative components and they manage the deployment.
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Influencer and affiliate marketing

Equipping our clients to effectively engage symbiotic channels while maintaining the power of their brand.



Inbound and database marketing

A rapidly growing and changing part of the communications continuum, DPR&Co helps clients to build and nurture a community of potential and existing customers.

Database management

Helping our clients to make the best strategic use  of data as well as maintaining their data asset.

Content driven campaigns

To draw people into a relationship with our client’s brand by demonstrating  trust and helpfulness.

Customer engagement campaigns

Providing solutions to create stronger relationships with existing clients, in turn driving increase frequency and value of engagement.