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Why this is important

Great creative is the least expensive way to increase ROI because insightful, relevant and motivating campaigns outperform mediocre or perfunctory campaigns by factors. It is the key to differentiation and memorability and will remind your customers of your brand’s value throughout their buyer journey.

Campaign creation

With the New Truth as the defining principle, our various disciplines – media, creative, activation and more – are able to collaborate early in the creative process. Once executions are developed, concept testing may take place as a final ‘sense check’.

We then execute the campaign in all relevant media. The New Truth ensures that your brand truth is tailored to each medium.

Brand design and development

We take the foundations of your brand strategy to create key brand assets and design elements. These include:

  • Visual identity – the design of your logo and all brand assets.
  • Brand story – the guiding principles for your brand’s delivery, including brand idea, purpose, attributes, values, personality and tone of voice.
  • Brand usage manual – a style guide to ensure consistent use of all brand elements in all media.

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Behaviour change/social marketing campaigns

Social marketing or behaviour-change campaigns are sometimes seen as social engineering. At their best, however, they help shape society for the better. Shifting entrenched behaviour is a difficult task and requires the re-framing of the risks and rewards of certain behaviours in ways that connect deeply and intuitively.

Often for government clients, these campaigns require deep stakeholder and reference group engagement.

Leveraging deep insights though integrated research and distilled and workshopped with our client through the intensely collaborative New Truth process, DPR&Co has delivered extraordinary effective campaign results, often in cases involving contentious and complex subject matter.

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Lead generation and conversion

Campaigns developed with the same level of creative excellence we apply to brand campaigns.
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Lead generation/conversion

Crisply articulating value and urgency, lead gen campaigns should also provide a clear pathway to activation, bringing leads into an intuitive and responsive nurture process.

Inbound marketing campaigns

Content-led campaigns that draw consumers to a brand dialogue that builds trust to a point where brand value is clear and a buying decision easy.
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