Market Analytics.

The world is littered with carcasses of failed firms who have one thing in common: They didn’t see emerging market trends in their sectors. They became irrelevant or uncompetitive.

At DPR&Co, we can identify emerging trends before they become visible to most market participants.

What we assess:

  • Economics of demand and supply
  • Supply chain economics
  • Market shifts
  • Changes in market capacity
  • Shifts enabled through vertical integration
  • Increases in efficiency (largely technology-driven)
  • Financial issues
  • Skills (employment) issues

Significant shifts in any of these factors (it’s rarely only one) are able to be measured, calibrated against your competitors, assessed and acted upon.

Our approach.

Our McKinsey-inspired methodology for market analysis is called SCP (Structure, Conduct and Performance). It explores how an organisation responds to external market shocks and the resulting implications for market competitiveness and performance is presented with clarity and simplicity. It involves the gleaning of insights through bespoke research with market participants as well as standing research through industry and logistical data, industry journals, websites, and annual reports. 

Normally conducted by consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain and Accenture, investment in SCP is out of reach for mid-sized firms. Our approach hand-pick alumni of these firms to deliver the same result at a fraction of the cost.

The benefits to this approach are:

  • We’ll apply a consultant who specialises in your industry sector
  • Significant cost savings over strategy consultancies
  • Greater control of the way your project rolls out
  • Delivery within a defined timeframe – usually 4-6 weeks for a larger project.

The SCP Framework .


A reliable overview of the market in its current form including:

  • Market economics and trends such as input costs, margins, supply chain and logistics costs, customer engagement costs, marketing costs etc. for your organisation and its competitors
  • Relative competitor performance, SOV, market rankings, brand positioning – current and emerging brand clear space
  • Growth opportunities – present and future
  • Technology, competitive and macro-economic threats

We use this data to develop a range of scenarios and hypotheses for your leadership team to consider. Naturally, any assumptions used to develop these scenarios are noted, explained and referenced.

SCP provides a solid picture of the present and a clearer picture of future shifts in market dynamics while presenting strategic options based on different market scenarios and a business case for any resulting action.

Ready to know more about how SCP can bring deeper market insights to your business?