Content strategy

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Why this is important

Content marketing is one of the most essential elements of today’s marketing mix. Quality content engages existing customers and attracts new audiences. A well-conceived content strategy assists potential consumers to make decisions that are right for them. By providing high value content, you will win trust and, logically, win clients or customers.

About content strategy

A content strategy should be developed to support the organisation’s business objectives. Content strategy defines goals, target groups, content themes, indicators and operating methods in practice. What warrants special attention is how the content finds its way to its target audience.

Under normal circumstances, we advise our clients to produce content on three levels:

  1. In-depth content which supports thought leadership
  2. Tactical content which generates sales
  3. Content that builds familiarity and supports a sense of community

This division helps us to create content that is aligned to various stages of the buyer’s journey in an intuitive and natural way. It also allows every item of content to serve the audience, while also supporting the objectives of its publisher.

Content marketing requires careful planning to maintain an appropriate cadence and quality. To ensure cost effectiveness, a smooth production process should be developed and honed to correspond to our customers’ budget and objectives. This process accounts for different channels and tools, as well as the requirement to measure the impact of content.

Good content is also created collaboratively. We engage our clients’ experts early in the content development and production process, coaching, motivating and helping them to function as high-quality sources for excellent content.


At DPR&Co, we ensure your content passes what we call ‘the real and relatable test’. We use real audience insights to deliver compelling user experiences and buyer journeys. The process we’ve developed to achieve this is called Barracuda.

Barracuda consists of four key stages:

  1. Setting objectives that align with your business goals: Defining whether your content strategy objective to engage, educate, nurture, convert, or a combination thereof.
  2. Building audience personas: Spending the time to understand who your audience is, what motivates them, what annoys them, what their values and pain points are, where they hang out online, and so on (see our guide to creating buyer personas here).
  3. Defining your content pillars: Understanding the key content areas that form the foundation of all your messaging. This step is crucial to creating a content strategy that delivers transformative results.
  4. A robust content plan: Based on the outcomes of the above stages, we define the channels should your brand be operating in and what content you should prioritise and where it should be seen.

The Barracuda Process

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Data forms the backbone of every successful content marketing campaign. That’s why our content strategies are built entirely around insights and keyword landscaping.

For most small-to-medium-sized firms, many of the inputs required for the Barracuda process can be gained from a collaborative discussion between us and your internal team. Any third party research your brand has gathered will be taken into consideration during this session, as will data insights and research reports from reputable global and national sources, such as Nielson and IBIS.

We work as an extension of your team, ensuring you feel connected and in control of the process. And because we know that every result delivers further insights, we keep you updated with regular reports and suggestions for improvements during and post-campaigns.

Our delivery

Many companies turn to us for content marketing as part of a multi-channel strategy. In every case, our results have exceeded expectations – increased sales, boosted search visibility, increased the volume and quality web traffic, and delivered higher conversion rates.

A specific case study saw DPR&Co take a well-known Australian FMCG brand to #1 position on Facebook in just 6 months, which led to the brand securing ongoing shelf space in one of the major retail chains across Australia. See the case study here.