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Look up and live

Every year in Victoria, workers, campers and boat operators suffer near misses from contact with overhead power cables. On some occasions, these incidents are fatal.

Our task was to target operators of heavy equipment on farms or open construction sites with a reminer to look up and check for powerlines as part of assessing a new site and any potential dangers.


Research indicates that most people who fell victim were completely unaware of the presence of overhead powerlines they came in contact with – they simply didn’t think to look.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there could be warning devices everywhere, such as on low-clearance bridges. Impossible, of course. But it occurred to us that the analogy was a powerful tool in encouraging greater self-management of the risks.

Don’t expect a warning was the resulting campaign. It ran on digital, radio and in print media state-wide in early-to-mid 2019.


No results are available from the campaign at this time.

SafeScript Outdoor Campaign - DPR&CO Work