Energy Safe Victoria

Energy Safe Victoria Solar system safety campaign.

Over half of all home solar energy systems have never been serviced – a stunning revelation confirmed by our own research that uncovered an almost complete lack of awareness of the need for system maintenance. This lack of understanding exposes homeowners to a range of risks – from lowered performance to the risk of system fires. Energy Safe Victoria asked DPR&Co to shift community behaviour around this important safety measure. With concept testing confirming that audiences responded positively to the ‘friendly, warm’ tone of voice in our recommended campaign theme, ‘Show your solar some love’.


Home owners with solar energy systems, 40+ years.


BVOD, YouTube, social, digital display, press, radio.


30 & 15 second OLV, social media creative, full suite of animated digital ads, press ad, 30 second radio ad.


Campaign launched March 2022. Results are yet to be made public.

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