Brand health

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Why this is important

Brand health is like physical health – it requires ongoing attention, prevention is better than cure, and the sooner you identify issues, the more you mitigate damage. We recommend a brand check-up at least annually. Moreover, the very process of brand introspection often identifies opportunities that may otherwise be missed.

Measuring brand health

While the measurement of how a brand occurs to its audience occurs at a specific point in time, a regular measurement as part of a longitudinal survey enable the establishment of trends that can be of immense value.

For larger clients, we recommend ‘pinging’ their brand health semi-annually. This means that any loss of brand health is picked up quickly, before any long-term negative trend is established.

At DPR&Co, we partner with firms such as IPSOS who specialise in longitudinally tracking brand health metrics. IPSOS has the ability to track an entire segment to report competitor brand metrics against your own. The variables tested include:

  • Brand awareness (spontaneous)
  • Brand awareness (aided)
  • Brand consideration
  • Brand preference

Integrating brand communications and brand health tracking

To get a complete picture of brand communications performance, the optimal route is simultaneous tracking of campaign ad brand metrics. In our work for Chisholm Institute, this approach was vital to proving the business case for marketing investment.
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