Brand health.

Brand health is like physical health – it requires ongoing attention and the sooner you identify issues, the easier it is to mitigate damage. 

To minimise the risk of your brand being marginalized, we recommend a brand check-up by an objective 3rd party at least bi-annually. For larger clients, or clients in rapidly changing markets, we recommend assessing brand health annually.

Measuring brand health.

Measuring how an audience perceives a brand offers an insight relevant to one specific moment in time. Measurements taken at regular intervals, however, quickly establishes trends and enables informed action.

At DPR&Co, we partner with firms such as IPSOS, Kantar and Gartner who specialise in longitudinally tracking brand health metrics. IPSOS can track an entire segment to report competitor brand metrics against your own. The variables tested include:

  • Brand awareness (spontaneous)
  • Brand awareness (aided)
  • Brand consideration
  • Brand preference

Integrating brand communications and brand health tracking.

To get a complete picture of brand and communications performance, we also track campaign ad brand metrics. In our work for Chisholm Institute, this approach was vital to proving the business case for marketing investments.