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Department of Health
and Human Services

In the aftermath of the tragic Black Saturday wildfires that killed hundreds of Victorians, it was discovered that many people who lost property in the fires were uninsured or under-insured.

Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) asked DPR&Co to develop a campaign aimed at encouraging Victorians living in areas of high risk from fire or flood to take out home and contents insurance to support them to be more resilient and better able to recover without government assistance.


Research showed many low-income Victorians felt their personal possessions were of insufficient value to warrant insurance and that even modest insurance premiums were hard to justify.

Our strategy was to convince the audience that:

  • The cost of replacing possessions had nothing to do with the value of their existing possessions and that this cost was worth insuring against.
  • The Victorian government had secured new, low-cost, basic contents policies that made acquiring cover more affordable.

This project was originally based on a small budget and was intended to be a low-key information campaign. Our advice was that we would be unable to guarantee the effectiveness of the campaign without lifting its profile. DHHS agreed and we set about developing a two-pronged deployment strategy comprising partner engagement/management and social/community management.

We concentrated our communications activity on areas of natural disaster risk, especially fire and flood. An integrated campaign approach leveraged a combination of radio, geo-targeted social media and partner-owned communications channels.

We then recruited Scott Pape from The Naked Investor as a high-profile campaign ambassador. We knew his presence and reach would guarantee ‘earned’ profile across multiple media channels.  We supported him through the creation of a ‘bank’ of content for social, community service announcements, public relations and owned/partner-owned channels.


The campaign received high-value exposure via Scott’s regular radio segments on Triple M and ABC, as well as within his popular Herald Sun column and via outbound eDM to his subscriber database.

The campaign delivered strong audience reach and frequency and a significant uplift
in insurance enquiries and applications. The campaign was repeated in 2019.

Department of Health and Human Services Press Campaign - DPR&CO